Prince william dating

Now that Harry is 32 and Meghan 35, and Harry has previously said he can't wait to marry and have children, it's likely that his relationship with Meghan will proceed quicker than William and Kate's.

We know what Meghan Markle could learn from Kate Middleton, but let's flip the script, shall we?

We're sure there have already been plenty of opportunities for Prince Harry to learn something from his older brother Prince William, and when it comes to the romance department, it's probably no different.

Although certain things were changing with the times within the royal family, Christmas at Sandringham was still strictly a royal affair.

It meant they would not be able to spend Christmas Day together unless they were married.

He would be away for much of the following months, and the three-hour drive meant that he wouldn’t necessarily be returning to London every weekend.

In 2007, many had been predicting a royal wedding, and Woolworths were already stocking wedding paraphernalia.

Prince Harry and his girlfriend Meghan Markle have been pictured together enjoying some Carribean sunshine at the wedding of Tom Inskip.

Harry was acting as an usher for his friend’s nuptuals, which took place in Montenego Bay in Jamaica.

When Prince Charles married Lady Diana in 1981, it confirmed what everyone had long suspected: The royal dating pool was as limited as ever.

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