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Nightmare is a horror video board game released in 1991 by A Couple 'A Cowboys and J. This place has six Harbingers, each of whom has authority over a Province. The game is set in a place known as "The Other Side".

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The special 3D version is identical in content and storyline to the original, but the enhanced visuals may add marginal spookiness and could further blur the line between fantasy and reality for some younger kids.

" /Jack Skellington is a kind-hearted and likable character.

To play the game, each player adopts the persona of one of the Harbingers: Gevaudan the werewolf; Hellin the poltergeist; Khufu the mummy; Baron Samedi the zombie; Anne de Chantraine the witch, and Elizabeth Bathory the vampire.

The final character in the game is the Gatekeeper, whose job is to ensure that the other characters do not escape from The Other Side.

Sally, Jack's love interest, is the only character to speak out against his plan to take over Christmas.

She also helps Jack to correct his mistakes, at great risk to herself. is an offbeat, stop motion-animated movie that's one of the great family films for all ages.That said, it does have scary creatures in it -- characters take off their own heads and limbs, and there are skeletons, nasty toys, and a creepy villain named Oogie Boogie. Some little kids who aren't old enough to distinguish this fantasy from the goings on at Halloween (or those prone to nightmares) might steer clear, although you can always hit pause and talk about what's scaring them. The night-1 wheat has been separated from the chaff, and our Bachelor is ready to start his “journey” to find “love” in earnest.It was certified Gold by the RIAA (Billboard magazine for the week ending November 24, 1984).The planning for this "video album" had begun early in the band's career, as Duran Duran and their management realised the power of video as an artistic marketing tool.So “ladies,” please assemble in the living room for your first message from Cruise Director Harrison. Anyhow, after the requisite “make the most of your time with Nick” speech, the host drops off the date card and skedaddles.

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