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I just downloaded Anaconda 4.2.0 (with python 3.5.2) for Mac OS X. Whenever I try to update any packages etc, my ipython console presents the package dependencies and displays "Proceed ([y]/n)?

A new installation of Exchange Server 2016 involves applying an Active Directory schema update, as do most Exchange Server cumulative updates, as well as preparing the Active Directory domains where Exchange Server 2016 and any mail-enabled objects will be located.

In an Active Directory forest with a single domain this can all be performed as one task.

The Active Directory schema update will automatically apply when you run Exchange Server 2016 setup on the first server in your environment.

A Windows Server 2012 R2 server with the Exchange Server 2016 Mailbox server role pre-requisites installed doesn’t quite meet the requirements (you’ll need to add the RSAT-ADDS feature as shown below).

comment - you can add a text comment to explain the addition or subtraction of points.

/guild points view player name - will bring up a verbose list containing any comments included with points changes.Whether you’re running the schema update from an Exchange server or a separate server (some organizations do it as a separate task due to change control reasons, or because of different teams having different administrative responsibilities in the environment) then the following requirements apply: Now we’re ready to run the Active Directory schema update and and preparation.If you’ve already got Exchange Server running in your environment you can check the current Exchange schema version before applying the update, so that you can see what the before and after version numbers are.point value - you can "add" a negative number if you like.who - can be a specific toon's name, "all" for the whole guild, "online" for players currently logged in, "group" for guild members in group with you, or "raid" for members on a raid with you.The ground continues to shake the East Cape region, and it's likely to continue for some time, according to GNS.

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