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From giving readers relationship advice in the digital age, to recommending the best sex toys, Naomi Narrative is an essential dating guide for single females.

Paul Thomas Bell (PTB) is written from a male perspective, which aims to give readers total honestly about dating, sex and relationships.

Now working alongside Naomi of Naomi Narrative as a social media marketer, PTB continues to offer an unfiltered view of dating.

Content speaks both to men and women, offering advice and interviews with stars including Fred Sirieix (First Dates) and Renee Graziano (Mob Wives).

But then she comes face-to-face with Donovan Kincaid, the mysterious yet alluring teacher’s assistant for one of her classes, who not only saves her from a sexual assault but pushes her buttons at every turn.

When a tragedy forces her to drop out of Harvard, the story leaps 10 years later with Sabrina now in advertising and in California.

The urge to create Naomi Narrative stemmed from Naomi Lewis’ bad experience of a first date.

Realising that she had quite a few stories to tell about dating, relationships and sex, Naomi began to blog more frequently to vent her frustrations.Got a question burning question about women that you need answered? Send an email to [email protected] you can fill out the form below.While I can’t answer every question personally, every month I’ll post the best questions and answers on my blog.Baggage Reclaim was created by Natalie Lue as an attempt to figure out the reason why she kept attracting ‘Mr Unavailables’.Her self-help style blog includes a weekly podcast, ‘The Baggage Reclaim Sessions’.This explores topics based on questions her readers and listeners have, and encourages women to identify why they have been suffering from relationship woes.

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