Christadelphian dating agency

Initially he sought to avoid the kind of sectarianism he had seen in England.

In this he found sympathy with the rapidly emerging Restoration Movement in the US at the time.

In many ways the difficulties they face are the same difficulties all those who have family or friends face.

The Unamended Christadelphians’ understanding of the nature and person of Jesus Christ, the nature of man, and millennial expectations sets the group apart from the majority of Christian denominations.

Unamended Christadelphians are staunchly non-Trinitarian. The belief that Jesus Christ is not co-equal or co-eternal with but rather subordinate to God the Father is a fundamental doctrine.

At this stage it is concerned more with another group which has a more immediate concern.

That is those individuals who whilst not Christadelphians themselves are dating Christadelphians.

The name Christadelphian derives from the Koine Greek meaning “Brethren of Christ”.

Like all Christadelphians, The Unamended Christadelphians’ have neither formal, ordained, or paid clergy.They may also be considering becoming Christadelphians themselves.This area may be explored in more depth at a later stage.The term Unamended Christadelphians is not the formal name of this community but is used informally to identify the grouping since a statement of faith traditionally used by many in this community is the "Unamended Statement of Faith".Nevertheless, Christadelphians worldwide and both Amended and Unamended Christadelphians in North America share fundamentally the same doctrines, with a few exceptions.This movement sought a reform based upon the Bible alone as a sufficient guide and rejected all creeds.

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