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Who will be crowned the host with the most in our first ever extreme theme week? (Un)dressed to the nines, Kelly has a sexy surprise right out of the gate for her guests.

For this episode's recipes, go to the recipe gallery. But as the aphrodisiac dinner continues, Stephanie and Rudy rub each other the wrong way.

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Hosting the last evening is wacky Kelly M., who’s taking everyone back to the middle ages with her ‘Medieval Era’ theme.

She’s planned a risky game of William Tell and a cutlery-free dinner of “ye olde” Cornish hen and fingerling potatoes.

Will Kelly’s steamy night light her guests’ fires, or will her scores go up in smoke?

For this episode's recipes, go to the recipe gallery.

On this episode of The Originals, "Phantomesque," Rebekah and Kol return to New Orleans, Freya, Hope and Hayley work together to save Elijah and the Hollow makes Kol a deal he may not be able to refuse.

There's been a lot of death in Rosewood over the past seven seasons.So, when I heard her news, I immediately assumed that one of those happily married couples had returned the favor."I could not have taken Tinder less seriously. It was summer, and I was in the Hamptons having fun! Jan, then fresh out of a two-year relationship just wanted to expand his dating pool and downloaded the app at the suggestion of a younger co-worker who had been having fun with it."You're probably the first engagement," I told her."The site is hook-ups and location-based booty calls with strangers, right?Jo Joyner is set to head the cast as headteacher Mandy Carter whilst Paul Nichols will play her PE Teacher husband Steve.The six-part series will also star Sunetra Sarker, Arsher Ali and Liz White. Against the Law 2017 BBC2 - Factual based drama starring Daniel Mays as privately gay journalist Peter Wildeblood whose lover Eddie Mc Nally ended up giving evidence against him in one of the most famous trials of the 1950s.The photos are based on pics from your Facebook profile.

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