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Other gay refugees have no boyfriends or girlfriends to show at all, having remained single out of fear.Without proof, gay refugee claimants’ credibility is shot.

That’s when the four parents decide to scrap their surnames and become the sort of lottery-luck family they feel they already are.

The gay fathers become Papa Dum and Pop Corn, and the lesbian mothers Maxi Mum and Carda Mom.

Examining gun violence, it is more like diagnosing who and why such violence is rampant.

And diagnosis is essential before one can find a cure. A reality is that the groups for whom handguns are a factor of daily life are adept at profiling, and making targets of their enemies.

“Profiling” is a taboo word for many, especially human rights zealots who equate “profiling” with bullying or unfairly picking on a portion of the community.

The last cop who identified a crime-prone group got reprimanded and demoted.

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The Lotterys are a modern family; cool, clever (most of the time), multi-ethnic and multi-cultural. Their parents are two same-sex couples (one male, one female) and their seven assorted children (both biological and adopted) are of mixed-race background.

In Canada, they face a 180: to secure status as a persecuted minority, they are asked to prove their sexuality on the spot.

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