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The Finance department has claimed that the DENR orders would cost affected local governments in 10 provinces over P650 million yearly in foregone revenues.


Option 1: Via Public Transportation (for 6 pax*) P150.00 – Underground River Permit (Discounted Price for Filipinos) P16.67 – Tricycle from Lodging to Underground River Booking Office (P50/tryc, 4pax/tryc) P16.67 – Tricycle from Underground River Booking Office to San Jose Terminal (P50/tryc, 4pax/tryc) P120.00 – Jeep from San Jose Terminal to Sabang P200.00 – Set meal at Robert’s Jewel Restaurant P116.67 – Boat from Sabang Port to Underground River jump-off and back (P700/boat, 6pax/boat) P120.00 – Jeep from Sabang to San Jose Terminal P12.00 – Multicab from San Jose Terminal to Junction 1 P7.00 – Tricycle from Junction 1 to Lodging ——————– P759.01 – Total Budget per Pax Option 2: Via Rented Van (for 10 pax*) 150.00 – Underground River Permit (Discounted Price for Filipinos) P350.00 – Van Rental (P3500/van, based on Published Rates) P200.00 – Set meal at Robert’s Jewel Restaurant P140.00 – Boat from Sabang Port to Underground River jump-off and back (P700/boat, 6/boat) ——————- P840.00 – Total Budget per Pax * Number of pax is based on the cheapest rate with the least number of pax we computed.

Back again to the question, was my P1,200 worth it for the Underground River Tour? We had things to do in Puerto Princesa that we did not worry ourselves about the little details of going to the Underground River.

Eh hindi na napag-uusapan ‘yung ibang mga issues dahil sa mahabang diskusyon (Because the discussions were so heated, a member of the Cabinet suggested that the issue be discussed separately in a cluster meeting with the Department of Finance and DENR.

Other issues are being set aside because of the long discussion),” he added.

The officer will ask to see your passport or travel documents.

If you applied for a parent and grandparent super visa, you will have other documents to give to them as well.The officer works for the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).The CBSA protects Canada's borders and points of entry.According to the entertainment website Pep, these were shot at the Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Malipano Island.Pep went on to note that Cruz and Salvador headlined a Kapamilya Karavan show in Davao City.Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Regina Paz Lopez, in a press briefing in Malacañan on Feb.

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