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For those of you with an opera bug: Boston’s own Cerise Lim Jacobs created the Ouroboros Trilogy, three grand operas that explore the interconnected themes of life, death and rebirth.

The three operas will be shown separately, so if you like the first show, you have two more dates planned out!

This short, romantic boat trip features absolutely stunning views of the Boston Waterfront.

Take a night to try them both and decide which you and your date prefer.

Start with dinner in the North End and be sure to order spaghetti and meatballs to do your own rendition of “I know one of my favorite dates in the city is getting Mike’s in the North End and then walking down along the Harbor walk. This unique comedic play takes place in a hair salon; during the show, someone commits a murder and the audience must spot the clues and question the suspects.

Almost every couple falls into that inevitable comfortable routine.

You’ll find yourself sitting at the same restaurants you always go to and staring at the Netflix logo all too often together.

You’ll be singing the tunes of the show all the way home.

The North End, the center of Boston’s Italian community, houses the two best places to get a cannoli: Mike’s Pastry and Modern Pastry.“An activity date is a great indicator whether he can have fun in real life and how seriously he takes himself,” one Boston lady tells us.But consider leaving dancing out of the equation because apparently ”dancing can get dicey,” she says with a laugh.Fortunately, we’ve rounded up some common date spots and determined which are and aren’t appropriate for a first time rendezvous.Several single Boston ladies also weighed in with their opinions, and let’s just say – they didn’t hold much back. If the two of you decide to meet for coffee, it means you’re a bit more serious about getting to know each other. Choosing a first date location can be a tricky decision.

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