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1 Mojo Playlist Single for that month) and Stereogum.

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Immediately after forming, they played live whenever possible, and soon gathered a cult following.

The duo use a variety of instruments including Casiotone keyboards and children's toys such as a Fisher-Price karaoke machine.), Mojo (it became their No.

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Co-authored by Banjo’s Victor Hernandez and the Journalist’s Toolbox creator Mike Reilley.

This was done to build anticipation for their debut album, Street Horrrsing, which was released on 17 March.

Produced by John Cummings of Mogwai and mastered by Bob Weston of Shellac, it was promoted through festival appearances (including a slot at the ATP vs Pitchfork festival) and a North American tour with Caribou.

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Early reviews of Street Horrrsing were very positive; it was named Underground Album of the Month by Mojo Magazine, who called it "a 50-minute melange of iridescent synths, psychedelic drone, distorted vocals and tribal rhythm".

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