Dating rogers big r drums

The bass drum has a grainy finish on the inside of the drum, like a beige granite-like finish.

Said the solid hex shaped Memori-loc tom legs were indicative of pre-'75 Rogers Kits.

And then, there are unused badges at odd points in the numbering range for these 20,000 numbers. Here is an exerpt from an email exchange I had with another seller of Rogers unused original badges, these were in the D97xxxx range.

My question: I am interested on what possibly was the total serial range of the unused badges?

This page will be a collection of the different configurations of drum sets that Rogers offered over the years...

As I add things this section will grow and become more detailed to help you determine what your drums are and what hardware came with them at that time...

One kit has Holiday badges (8x12 Holiday, Dayton #79608; 16x16 Holiday (hand typed and not stamped), # 9429; and 14x20 Holiday, Dayton #70874.

The other kit is a Powertone and I am pretty sure it is early 1970's.

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