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The collection provides examples of Oklahoma's cultural, social, political, military, and business history, along with many other aspects.Some of the larger collections held by the photo archives are the Barney Hillerman collection, the Ray Jacoby collection, and the Argo collection.

Although she specializes in researching those with Eastern European Jewish ancestry, her clients have diverse backgrounds, including those with roots in colonial America.

Jane speaks, reads, and writes Russian and French, and has transliterated 19th century Russian language census, business directory, and vital records entries for online databases over the last 20 years.

The first photographic images were collected by the Oklahoma Historical Society in 1893; today there are an estimated nine million images in the Research Center collections.

Formats include glass plates, tintypes, slides, panoramas, black and white and color prints, and negatives.

Her knowledge of fashion helps her determine when and where your family photographs may have been taken.

As an epidemiologist and medical writer, Jane's knowledge of health and medicine enables her to interpret the significance of DNA test results. Jane's genealogical writing has appeared in Roots Key, the newsletter of the Jewish Genealogical Society – Los Angeles.

Jane Neff Rollins began researching her family history when genealogy research required going to the Family History Library in person, and hand scrolling microfilm.

The first time she recognized her great-grandfather's family on the 1900 census, she burst into tears.

She explained that she looks for interesting photographs discarded by others and found in flea markets and antique stores. Maureen’s message for photo identification was to look at all the details in the picture and add up the clues.

Tales from The Photo Detective In Maureen’s first seminar of the day, she showed examples from her column in and from the photos she has posted on her blog each month. She showed examples from several decades in the 19th Century and early 20th century, illustrating long hair on men and tight sleeves on women in the 1840s, shawl collared vests and coats in the 1850s, coats past the knees in the 1860s, hair behind the ears and poses with less restraint in the 1870s, women with oiled hair and men with moustaches and bowler hats in the 1880s, and women with leg-of-mutton sleeves and men with short hair in the 1890s.

pictures with no labels indicating who the people were?

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