Dad spank chat niegerian pals for dating

Shes 4 years old now and the divorce is final giving me primary custody and he gets summer and every other christmas.

But i worry non stop with her visits knowing they spank her and knowing his anger problems.

My daughter does not like his girlfriend at all saying "shes mean to momma and spanks me" and ive confronted them both about it but they deny anything.

I dont believe children lie about this kind of thing as i was called a liar as a child when i wasnt.

I dont know how to make this stop, how to stop them from putting their hands on her.

According to WLWT, the father called police when his 12-year-old daughter got into an argument with her sister.

After he called police, a deputy came to their home, watched the discipline and determined the father did not break the law in any way.

— A Florida man is getting some attention after how he handled a fight between his young daughters.

He called police to have an officer watch him carry out the discipline.

Haase knew what would happen if her father got angry.

If she or one of her siblings talked back, or perhaps turned on the TV when they were not supposed to do so, “it was ‘Go and get the yardstick,’ ” she says.

'On January 2, 2017, the day before Julian was to return to school from Christmas Break, Julian told my mother and me that when Respondent spanked him it was really hard,' wrote Patton in her declaration.'We asked him to show us how hard, and I asked him to hit me on my back. Julian said it was worse than that.'I then told Julian I could not keep this secret anymore and that I have to protect him.' Patton said that her 'concerns culminated' two days later when 'Julian's school called Department of Child and Family Services to report what they believed to be credible allegations of abuse from Julian against [Thicke].'An employee at Julian's school also submitted a declaration that was included in Patton's filing and revealed why DCFS was notified, stating that the boy said Thicke 'punches' him.

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