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For the in-show pairing between Ally Dawson and Dez, see Delly.

Laura and Calum seem to be good friends, since the entire cast of Austin & Ally is very close.

Ross Lynch says that he gets positive vibes from Laura Marano. This is the reason people around them teased them a lot so, Laura had to confirm that they had nothing between them and said that they are a good friend.

They get along well, and are really nice to each other; giving each other compliments.

Laura Marano and Calum Worthy went to Vancouver, Canada for the "Family Make Your Break" segment.

He played roles in ABC Family's Kyle XY, The CW's Supernatural and Smallville, and has been nominated for multiple Young Artist Awards.

He developed a reputation for keeping quiet about his family life while residing in Los Angeles and Canada during his time off from acting.

When we introduced the cast at the top of the show, there was polite applause, but by the end of the taping, the audience was going nuts.

It was clear to us that we’d gotten something special. There’s nothing more satisfying than adding a new joke in the middle of a scene and watching a fresh reaction.He appeared in the 2011 film The Big Year with Steve Martin.She has Lebanese, Moroccan, Armenian, Syrian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and English ancestry on her father’s side while she has Portuguese, German and English ancestry on her mother’s side. She appeared in the 2010 romantic comedy film The Back-up Plan for her role as Mona’s daughter.Don't miss the tweet where Christ Martin and Laura Marano is crying Check out the video of Laura Marano and Cameron Jebo singing together on the stage.We hope that this new duo stays together and have a happy life together.Birthdays are a time for celebration, reflection, and, let’s be real, extra-cute Instagram pictures, at least if you’re Sabrina Carpenter, Lucy Hale, Grace Vander Waal and so many other stars.

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