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It already feels like Miller doesn’t get enough screen time as Jason, only doing short episode arcs here and there.

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Few Hollywood filmmakers have left as distinctive a mark on modern cinema as Tim Burton.

Not only has he created a number of memorable films that have inspired countless other filmmakers over the years, but he’s also developed a signature, quirky style that has made him an iconic director and storyteller in his own right.

Is Billy Miller considering an exit and that’s why no news of a contract renewal?

With Steve Burton available at the end of the year, if Miller is considering leaving, it would be perfect timing for the return of Burton as Stone Cold.Burton contributed character designs to ‘Family Dog,’ an episode of the anthology series ‘Amazing Stories’ that was directed by future Pixar genius Brad Bird.The episode was a huge hit, bringing high quality animation and voice acting to television before ‘The Simpsons’ changed the landscape.Billy Miller’s contract at ABC is rumored to expire this month with no confirmation that he’s signed an extension.Since Steven Burton will wrap his stint on The Young and The Restless in December, the actor is available.She was also the recipient of the 2009 Procter & Gamble Award for her outstanding community service.

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