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Insects are the most diverse group of animals known and are adapted to live in almost all terrestrial, and some aquatic, biomes.

Republicans hold large majorities in both houses of the legislature, making it difficult for Democrats to stop the bills.

Even if only a few are passed, it will be the latest trick from a legislature that has proven to be one of the most ingenious and powerful in the country since a Republican takeover in 2010.

D Originally published by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) in German, Claims and Realities of New Museology is the first doctoral dissertation to analyze the effectiveness of new models for museums.

In connection with my work as a museum ethnologist at the bersee Museum in Bremen I asked myself the question--prompted by Dr.

It’s a brazen and unabashed attempt to undercut Roy Cooper, the Democratic governor-elect, in the wake of a hard-fought election that spilled well into December when Governor Pat Mc Crory, a Republican, refused to concede and challenged results in several counties.

Voting on the bills will start Tuesday, though it’s unclear whether all of them will move forward.

Understanding pigment- and taxon-specific variation in trace element chemistry will greatly enhance our ability to interpret the original pigmentary colours of fossil insects, thus informing models of the evolution of colour and its ecological functions in insects through deep time.

Burgess Shale-type fossils are crucial to our understanding of the diversification of animals during the Cambrian explosion.

There has been a substantial effort to understand their taphonomy since it is vital to biological interpretations.

Clay minerals have been implicated in preservation, templating soft tissues during decay and early diagenesis.

Herbert Ganslmayr, Director of the bersee Museum--whether and how local and regional museums as adult educational institutions could contribute to societal development, that is to coping with everyday life and to improving the conditions of life.

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